Fairport Partnership

Fairport Partnership
“Keeping Fairport Front-Porch Friendly”

The Fairport Partnership is an independent multi-disciplinary organization of volunteers who provide professional services to the Village of Fairport and Town of Perinton. Since 2000, the Partnership has worked to improve the quality of life and business climate in the Village of Fairport. From streetscape to facades, special events, tourism and destination marketing to business recruitment and retention, the Partnership has helped shape what Fairport has become today.

Who is the Partnership?

  • Fairport Perinton Merchants Association (FPMA)
  • Fairport Municipal Commission (Fairport Electric)
  • Fairport Village Government
  • Town of Perinton
  • Fairport Foundation

What Does the Partnership Do?

Six volunteer committees actively plan for Fairport’s future: Steering, Design, Outreach, Promotions, Economic Restructuring, and Façade.

Since 2000 the Partnership has accomplished a great deal, including:

  • Public Art Program – The first program of its type to be adopted by the Village of Fairport
  • Historic Interpretive Signage – National Park Service/OCED matching grant for the 13 historic interpretive signs installed on Main Street in the summer of 2010
  • Design Standards – Volunteers and professionals created design standards to guide developers
  • Ice Rink at Fairport Junction – Skating rink in the heart of the village
  • Info Kiosks at Kennelley Park, North Bank, and the Box Factory
  • Put Your Foot Down – Liftbridge Repair Days, six annual Tapas Pub Crawls
  • Community Development Block Grant Façade Program – Led to more than two-million dollars in private/public reinvestment in rehabilitating buildings in the central business district
  • Tourism and Event marketing – Markets Fairport as a destination to regional, national, and international audiences, produces Fairport Oktoberfest, Tapas Pub Crawl, and Cinco de Mayo celebrations; supports the FPMA with Fairport Canal Days, Scarecrow Festival, Come Home for the Holidays, and Fairport Perinton Winterfest. Also supports Fairport’Music and Food Festival.
  • Coordinates Erie Canalway Adopt-a-Trail program and various green initiatives throughout the community.

Partnership Mission Statement

“To leverage the unique canal and historic character of Fairport in order to stimulate economic growth, preserve our heritage and encourage a diversity of uses to serve residents, businesses, and visitors.”

The Partnership mission focuses on five goals:

  • Strengthen existing and recruit new businesses
  • Promote Fairport/Perinton as a great place to live, work, and invest
  • Enhance the visual and aesthetic appearance of the Village’s business district and public spaces
  • Pursue land uses consistent with community objectives
  • Ensure long-term funding for the Partnership

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