Fairport’s Veterans Memorial Nears Completion

veteran banners

A little more than 2 years ago, the volunteers of the Fairport Partnership Design Committee were asked by Mayor Fritz May to undertake the project of designing the reconstruction of the Veterans Memorial at Potter Park. Shortly thereafter the Fairport Foundation began the effort of fundraising to help finance the memorial.

Today we welcome the participation of Fairport OCED as they manage the construction of the Partnership’s designs and augment the funds raised by the Foundation. It is this broad-based community effort that has led to what you see today. It is expected that the new Veterans Memorial at Potter Park should be largely completed by this Veterans Day.

We thank the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion as well as the thousands of people across the greater Fairport/Perinton community and beyond who have donated their time, talent, and treasure – in ways large and small – to make this project possible. We also thank the Fairport Boy Scouts, Fairport Teachers Association, Fairport Rotary, Perinton Quilt Guild and dozens of other organizations have helped the Fairport Foundation raise more than $50,000.

This project – its intent and its manifestation in bricks, mortar, and steel – honors the blood, sweat, tears and toil of the all those who served our nation on behalf of our grateful community. We believe that in every way, it represents the best of what Fairport is. We thank you all for your partnership.

A limited number of memorial bricks are still available for purchase. To buy a memorial brick in honor of a veteran, please visit www.FairportFoundation.org or call (585) 377-6010.